Premium, Customized Ice Cream

Life is too short to waste time eating subpar ice cream.
Premium Ice Cream Churned by Us, Customized by You

About Us

Cream Slab Concepts

Cream Slab Concepts uses only the finest ingredients to create exclusive ice cream blends that serve as the perfect base for you to bring your topping dreams to life. We take pride in the variety of flavors that fill our ice cream parlor, and we promise you’ll taste the Cream Slab Concepts difference.

Are you sick & tired of seeing stale Oreos and soggy strawberries in the topping line up? Well so were we. This is why we’ve committed to constant care for fresh, quality toppings that elevate your custom ice cream, not wreck it. Amongst bright berries, crunchy cookies, and flavorful sauces, you’ll find a selection of items that we’d feel ecstatic to accompany our ice cream creation – and trust us, we’re ice cream snobs.

Our Cream Slab Concepts experts carefully blend your customized ice cream to order atop our frozen granite slab – an art that distributes toppings, ribbons sauces, and enhances the creaminess of your unique masterpiece. And if the pressure is too much, we’ve put in the elbow grease to create an array of perfectly balanced blends that promise one scoop just isn’t enough.


Why our products are the best

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    Only natural ingredients
    Our Ice creams are curated with exotic natural ingredients which not only enhances the freshness in terms of taste but also adds on to your nutritional value.
  • 02
    Wide range of products
    We give you multiple options and a diverse range of products from where you can easily choose what to consume.
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    Quality certificates
    Our ice creams are quality checked and assured to be 100% purity certified.
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    New Experience
    We sprinkle our customers with imagination and pledge with unlimited ice cream possibilities to feed your cravings
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    Many points of sale
    We offer you our products via various channels. If you like our products, we provide you different mediums from where you can order our ice creams.
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    Made with love
    We aspire you to be a part of all our celebrations and melt your heart with our exotic range of icecreams.

Our customers say


“Life is too short to waste it by eating traditional boring ice creams. It was then I decided to try Cream Slab concepts. I was compelled to try it after seeing the fresh natural ingredients and the way it was created. This was entirely a heartwarming and mouth-melting experience. You should try it too.”


Ever since childhood, I have been crazy about trying different types of ice creams. I am delighted to share that my quest rests here as I found perfectly customised ice cream which not only made me excited but also gave me a lifetime special experience. I strongly recommend that everyone must try these bundles of joy. I love it and everytime I have a craving for sweets, this is my go to place.

George Biden

The team members of Cream Slab Concepts are incredible. They create magic with every scoop. I love the way these innovative concepts are designed and the way they pamper our taste buds. I love spending my weekends here and I have a die heart fan of these.