What We Do

Nowadays, when ice cream parlors are lined up on every street corner, the question arises, why should you come to us? The answer to this question would invariably be – ‘cos we are different. The very next question that may pop up in your mind would be – what difference? Of course, our confident answer would be – difference in concept, difference in quality, difference in variety. Still not convinced? Then come to us for having the exquisite experience of our Customized Ice cream. You think, we serve; you dream, we deliver. We at Cream Slab Concept, are ready with our Premium Ice Cream, Ice Cream Blends, Ice Cream Creamery, Custom Ice Cream at your service.

Let us elaborate the concept behind the “Cream Slab Concept.” We’re diehard ice cream lovers who believe in better ice cream. We neither cut corners nor do we compromise on quality. We don’t care what the next guy is doing. We are unapologetically doing our thing, and we’d love to have you come along for the ride. 

At each stage of our process — from the brains behind flavor innovation, the science behind ice cream creation, the logic behind mix-in selections, the process behind frozen slab strategy, to the final presentation — the Cream Slab Concepts Team aims simply to enhance your ice cream experience, so much so that you cannot resist to enter our Ice Cream Parlor whenever you pass by, leave behind the planned visits.

To us, customized ice cream is a no-brainer. Sure, you love mint chip, but wouldn’t you also love to add some fudge? Or maybe really turn things on their head and add some raspberries for freshness? From day to night, your tastes change, and Cream Slab Concepts aims to provide you with top-notch components so you’re never left unsatisfied.  

Believe in us and visit once, you will never regret your decision. You will ditto all our claims and no more questions will pop in your mind that’s WHY US?